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What is with the High Vibes ?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Vibes? I never thought about vibes. It's something that's a metaphor for feelings, right?

When you send someone "good vibes," you don't send something real and tangible, do you? I never bought into vibes. I didn't know what vibes were or why they do what they do. I've always wanted to have more clarity, more joy, more peace, and more confidence. But I never understood how that stuff worked.

Trouble as a kid continued through my adult life as I found myself married to a person with untreated mental health issues. Shortly after liberating myself from that relationship, the lump that appeared behind my ear was Lymphoma, a blood cancer. My scan results were terrifying. My chest and face lit up like a city at night. PET scans (positive emission tomography) show lights indicating cancerous tumors. I thought I was dying then, but that was ten years ago. After two years of a chemo treatment that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, the cancer was all gone. I was relieved, but I didn't learn anything about vibes, and I wasn't ready to make any changes. After all the trouble I'd been through, I still thought nothing of healthy eating, fostering joyful, meaningful relationships, spending time intentionally creating peace in my life, realizing and appreciating true beauty in the world. Only recently, ten years after that initial cancer scare, have those things become real for me. And it isn't because my cancer was gone; it's because it had returned and, for the past two years, has been a big part of my life.

Three years ago, my knee hurt and swelled up. I thought I hurt it working out. Then the doctor said the Lymphoma, which was in remission, had transformed into a very aggressive Double Hit Lymphoma and had taken over my leg. They said this was a super fast-spreading cancer, and it would take me out quickly. After six months of the worst treatment I've ever been through in my life. My scans showed that the cancerous tumors died in some areas and grew fresh ones lower in my leg. Then, after six months of another torturous treatment, the same thing happens. Then we do it again, each time just pea-size cancer remains in my leg. Even though this thing is little, the doctors are terrified of it because it grows and grows. They don't understand why it won't stop, and they believe it can blow up anywhere in my body. I am sick of it. We just keep chasing this bugger around my leg. But it seems to have taught me many important lessons along the way, like the one about vibes.

Vibes are real. Vibrations of atoms make up everything that is. Everything has energy, or it would not exist. Vibrations have a positive or negative charge. Higher vibrating energies have positivity to them, and they create positive vibes in anything around them. Negative energies have an opposite effect. They pull down anything which is not higher in vibes than itself. But High Vibes can bring low vibes up. Learning to stay in High Vibes is the key to creating energy that can become positive realities in your life. I believe the Lymphoma hasn't damaged my health a lot more because I stay in High Vibes now. The doctors say they haven't seen this kind of Lymphoma not take over someone's body quickly. For most of my life, my vibes were very low, which probably led to cancer in the first place. I learned the basics about vibes fast, as I didn't have much time to waste. No one has time to waste.

I intend to fill this website with content, videos, and great recipes that can bring you High Vibes. I am a professional Chef with more than 40 years of culinary experience. I've cooked for two presidents and a bunch of other VIPs over the years. I have a wealth of expertise in nutrition and all methods of food preparation. I've lost over 100 pounds, and my wonderful wife Wendy has lost 85 pounds since I changed my cooking style to High Vibe. I am also known as The Pizza Guy on Facebook. I love pizza, and it was my mainstay for a long time. I have published two pizza cookbooks—the United States of Pizza and Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas. I still make and enjoy pizza often because pizza can be very High Vibe. I now understand the importance of High Vibe Foods and how to build them into your daily meals so you will benefit. There are many other ways to raise your vibes and improve your life. My own life has made me a believer in this.

I now commit to staying in High Vibes all the time. I still have troubles, that's life, but it's how you react and how you learn to go with the flow that matters most.

That's what I'm doing here at High Vibe Time, learning to stay in High Vibes and communicate in a meaningful way. I will be sharing the stuff that makes High Vibe Time real for me. I have been practicing meditation for about seven years, and I can attest to you that meditation is a HUGE part of accomplishing staying in High Vibes all the time. See for yourself if the High Vibes are real. I have found that as I spend time with the things on High Vibe Time! I feel energized, happy, productive, and better connected to the people and opportunities in my life. Stay around High Vibe Time! and we will discover what works to keep our vibes high. Life is full of pitfalls, and you can float through them with grace when you intentionally stay in High Vibe Time!

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