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High Vibe Time is Pure Science

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

In the scientific community, a great puzzle is beginning to unfold. Scientists are now proving that vibrations are fundamental, and in fact, vibrations create all things. A paper appearing in "Scientific American," the benchmark publication of all things factual and scientifically proven, states that vibes are real. Another proven thing is that all vibrations affect the vibration of anything they are in proximity of. Pascal Fries, A German neurophysiologist with the Ernst Strungmann Institute, has described vibes as "communication through coherence," Which is all about synchronization of shared electrical oscillation rates or vibes. This concept is documented in another work by American mathematician Stephen Strogatz. Strogatz provides various examples in his book, "Sync," That when anything is close to anything else, they begin to vibrate together at a synchronized rate. Dr. Johnathan Schooler of the University of California has assisted in building a "resonance theory of consciousness" that suggests that resonance- another word for synchronized vibrations is at the heart of human consciousness and in all physical reality as well.

Scientists agree that everything in the universe is constantly vibrating. Even stationary objects are in motion, and vibrations are what create all matter and all consciousness. Ultimately, everything is just vibrations of various underlying fields. Things like rocks have a level of consciousness produced by vibration. A stone is vibrating at a very low level compared to a person. Based on observed behavior, all things, from electrons to atoms to molecules to bacteria, to innate objects, like rocks and up to animals, and people vibrate and have consciousness. A rock enjoys just a tiny amount of consciousness compared to animals and people. As matter becomes more complex, vibrations increase, and faster exchange of information is processed.

The communication of vibrations is called synchronicity. This shared resonance between all things is what I've been talking about here on High Vibe Time. As you bring something that has a high vibration into your field, your vibes will rise also. Nature, organic foods, joyous rhythms, kindness, love, and more all have higher rates of vibration. Getting closer to high vibe things puts your vibes in synchronicity with high vibes. Your proximity to high vibe things will raise your vibration instead of lower it with fake processed foods, sad or angry tones, pessimism, hatred, dark colors (void of light pulses), and many other low vibrating things. So stay in High Vibe Time and raise your vibes, its pure science, which is as real as it gets


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