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High Vibe Health

Raise Your Vibes 

Elevate your Vibes, Elevate your Lives

Albert Einstein said, "Everything in life is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, it is physics."

We now have scientific proof of sympathetic resonance, or the fact all things vibrate. As you bring two vibrations close together, they will begin to vibrate at the same rate. This is why getting close to high vibrations is so important to lift you up and raise your vibes. Life is full of opportunities to raise your vibration. Foods we eat, our proximity to nature, our view of bright colors, frequencies we hear, are all things we can do to raise our vibrations and live at the highest vibe possible.


Reduce Refined Sugars

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                Reducing refined sugar intake is important for your overall health and high vibes. 


              Natural sugar is found in whole fruits, vegetables and grains.   


         These forms of sugar are called complex carbohydrates and are healthy because they contain             lots of fiber, nutrients and minerals.

        Complex carbohydrates should make up  45 to 65 percent of your daily intake according to                   dietary guidelines from the Mayo clinic.  


   The dangerous forms of refined sugars which are added to processed foods and should                       be  avoided are as follows:















High fructose corn syrup


Corn sweeteners



Brown sugar

Rice syrup or brown rice syrup  


Cane sugar or cane juice 

Invert sugar

Fruit juice concentrate


Barley malt




                                      Today refined sugars are added to nearly ALL processed foods. 


1.Stop drinking soda. Soda is made of highly refined sugars. Drink water and sparkling water.  Add lemon, lime, tangerine, etc. for flavor and nutrients. Drink iced tea or hot tea. Tea is very nutritious and a satisfying thirst quencher. Eliminating sugary beverages will increase your vibes automatically.


2. Avoid sugar-loaded desserts and candy. Replace these refined sugary foods with fresh fruit, yogurts, dark chocolate, dates, raisins, other dried fruits with no added sugar.

 Follow my recipes and learn to bake and cook with alternative natural sweeteners.


3. Avoid sauces unless you make them. Commercial ketchup, BBQ sauce, Asian sauces, sandwich spreads, and more all have a lot of added refined sugars.

Instead flavor your world with fresh herbs, miso, chilies, lemons and limes, vinegar, harissa, pesto, mustards with no sugar added, soy sauce, coconut aminos, monk fruit, and more. My recipes include these items for your high vibe cooking. 


4. Eat full-fat foods.  Low fat versions of our favorite foods are everywhere. Keep in mind that these foods have been highly processed and engineered to be low in fat. This automatically creates a low vibe food. But to make up for the lack of natural fat in the food, they will add tons of sugars. 


6. Eat more protein and fats 

Increasing healthy proteins in your snacks and meals curbs sugary food cravings. 

Snack on high protein nuts, cheese, tempeh, crispy fava beans or garbanzo beans, eggs, whole-grain breads and crackers, almond flour crackers, peanut butter, and other nut butter. 

7. Use natural alternative sweeteners. My recipes will teach you how to use monk fruit, kabocha squash sweetener, yakon and others to sweeten your drinks, sauces and make great desserts. 



Monk Fruit

Monk Fruit is my favorite sweetener. Also known as luohan, it comes from a small fruit-like pod which contains powerful antioxidants called mogrosides. Ancient Chinese monks cultivated the fruit over 6000 years ago. They dried the pods and ground them up to sweeten everything they wanted without any of the calories or glycemic spikes of sugars. When using monk fruit for cooking or baking recipes that call for sugar. I use one-half the quantity of monk fruit to sugar asked for. This usually works for my needs.



Erythritol is a natural and delicious sugar alcohol that does not create stomach upset in most everyone I know. Erythritol naturally occurs from fermenting corn and is about 70 percent as sweet as sugar.


 Kabocha Sweetener- Bocha Sweet

This product looks and tastes remarkably like sugar. It measures one to one same as sugar and sweetness. It is derived from a Japanese Squash called Kabocha. The squash is extremely high in beta - carotene which is great for immunity. Rich in iron, vitamin C, and B making it very nutritious. It does not cause blood sugar to spike because of its extremely low glycemic load. The powdered sweetener is derived from non-GMO squash by a slow cold extraction process which keeps many of the benefits of the real squash intact. When you metabolize this sweetener many of the nutritive values remain intact. Also, it tastes amazing and causes a Maillard reaction in baked goods. That means nice browning on your cakes and cookies. This sweetener is my favorite one to use in most of my baked goods. 


 Yakon Syrup

Yakon is a tuberous root indigenous to the Andes mountains In Peru people eat Yakon because it is sweet and has great nutritive properties. It feeds the microbiome in your gut and causes the good guy bacteria to grow quickly. Yakon syrup also lowers blood pressure, boosts liver function, reduces bad cholesterol, regulates blood glucose, improves bone health, and tastes great. One teaspoon of Yakon syrup has 7 calories. This syrup looks and tastes like molasses, but molasses is just a simple sugar and can be harmful. Yakon is rich in fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which are found in almost all fruits. This is different from fructose which can be harmful. FOS are insoluble fibers that your body does not digest. This gives yakon great health benefits as it travels through your body. Yakon is delicious and I use it to add great taste and moisture to many baked goods. It is great for use as a syrup straight out of the jar on pancakes and waffles, crepes, and many other things where a nice syrup is desired. 

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

                          Foods have vibrations which affect you as you eat them.



Ultra-processed foods should be avoided. These are the items such as frozen dinners, frozen pizzas, frozen entrees, canned soups, sausages, cake mixes, sauce mixes, and many other convenience products.

Fast food is extremely processed and loaded with chemicals, high amounts of sodium and sugar which will bring your vibes down. 

        Organic fruits are documented to have a frequency of over 90 hertz.

        Organic is important because heavy amounts of pesticides bring down the vibes of many foods. 

        Leafy green vegetables have been documented to have a frequency between 70 and 90 hertz.


       Whole grains are very High Vibe. Nuts, grains, beans and seeds should be eaten often. 

      Phytonutrients are compounds found in these high vibe foods which fight disease when they are left unprocessed.


      Buy unbleached flours, whole grains and whole wheat flours. Many of my recipes use a grain mill so you can grind your         own grains and benefit from all aspects of the grain.   

     Gluten-free items can be super nutritious because they are made from whole grains. My recipes use my own gluten-free       flour blend. 

     I have limited dairy products in my cooking by using  other things such as nut milk, which are high in vibes because I             make them from scratch using raw nuts.  

     Eat poultry and seafood and limit intake of red meats.  I have many recipes for poultry, seafood, and vegetarian meals.           

Monk Fruit Sweetener



 Ancient Chinese monks grew monk fruit and named it 'Luo Han Guo" which means Longevity.


Monk fruit  tastes 200 times sweeter than sugar. Monk fruit is 100 percent natural. It is a small fruit which grows on a vine. The fruit is squeezed or dried to get the intense sweet flavor. Today, you can buy crystalized monk fruit in bags.



Monk Fruit is loaded with Mogrosides, a powerful antioxidant, and anti-carcinogen. Mogrosides lower DNA damage due to free radicals by optimizing the entire body's antioxidant system.

Monk fruit is safe for diabetics to eat.  The fruit never causes any fluctuations of blood sugar levels in the body. 

Monk fruit is a natural anti-microbial. The fruit enzymes improve gut health on a microbial level by inhibiting the growth of dangerous bacteria and maintaining the balance of good bacteria in the gut. 

Monk fruit helps protect you from heart attack and stroke by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol. This creates the bad cholesterol LDL. By doing this, monk fruit builds up the good cholesterol, HDL. All this helps keep the arteries clean of plaque which can prevent heart failure. 

Monk fruit benefits the immune system  Monk fruit lowers histamine levels in the body and can reduce immune response to allergies. 


   I use monk fruit  in my dessert recipes. 








You get High Vibes  when exposed to earth, sun, wind and water.


Most of our daily life is lived indoors, breathing stale air and surrounded by electronic gadgets and wifi. This is not our


natural environment. It is important to make an intentional choice to get into a green space where grass grows, where


there are trees to be around. If you get your bare feet onto the bare ground you will feel better instantly.


This is because you will be releasing negative vibes into the earth and the earth reciprocates and gives you high vibes. It is


a grounding and release for your body, mind, and soul.

Get into the sunshine and feel the high vibes nature intended you to soak up.





Getting the blood pumping no matter how you do it, whether its playing sports, lifting weights, walking, or whatever

your favorite exercise is, creates powerful vibrations throughout your body. Physical activity raises your vibration in many

ways. Endorphins are produced during physical activity directly raising vibrations in the brain and body.

     Oxygen and blood flow is increased thereby allowing increased energy flow. Physical activity always creates positive


vibes. Being more productive and achieving endurance goals in any activity can be mentally admonishing to our psyche


and raise our vibration this way also. Any way you slice it , you will elevate your vibes the more you get moving.





     You create energy with every thought that you have. If you focus on positive thoughts you can improve your life in ways


that seem unimaginable right now. It  can be difficult to think positive all the time. Meditation is here to help you.


Meditation is a reboot for your mind. Meditation can quiet your mind. This quiet organization of the mind enables us to be


more productive in every way. During meditation, high vibes rise and the quality of our thoughts rise also. This enables us


to be at our best during non-meditative times. Meditation works in many remarkable ways that are not fully understood


yet. To give meditation a try, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Pay attention to your breath. Thoughts will pop into your


mind at every moment. Think them and let them go. Focus on your breath as the thoughts come and go, like programs


sorting out. Don't focus on any of the thoughts too intently. Just think them and let them go like clouds floating away. As


you do this your mind will begin to quiet and the breath becomes your focus. Keep doing this until you are calm and only


the breath is flowing through your mind. Now you are meditating




Having pets is more than just a way to pass time.

Research shows that taking care of any animal whether it is scaly and stays in an aquarium,  or fuzzy and sleeps in bed with


you can raise your vibes.  Having pets actually lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.  Loving pets increases serotonin


which relieves depression in people. Taking care of a pet lowers stress and anxiety, boosts our confidence and relieves


chronic pain. This and more is achieved by that little fluffy kitty who naps all day. Important work for just a pet. You can


adopt a pet and raise your vibes today! 






    Color is the direct link to your emotions. Just looking at bright colors will raise your vibes and you begin to feel cheerful


and peaceful.  When we see bright vivid colors, our bodies and mind receive a High Vibe which the colors emit and we will


automatically feel better.  Emotions and moods quickly respond to the vibes of colors. If you put clothing on which is


brightly colored you will feel an immediate lift in your spirit. The brighter the color , the more intense the High Vibes will


be. I suggest neon bright colors which collide with each other in an artful way. The High Vibes are intense and bright colors


can heal your mind and body. People who are extremely ill and in the hospital feel better instantly when presented with


bright colors. Especially if the colors that were around them used to be dull and suddenly the bright colors excite the


mind. The High Vibes in a room full of colors are very tangible and will lift the spirits of all who enter. The brighter and the


more variety of colors presented, the stronger the High Vibes will be felt.  Green has a direct effect on the calming centers


of your mind. Nature is filled with green and it emits strong High Vibes of peace, prosperity, empathy, and harmony.











Yoga is an ancient way of life, not a mere exercise routine as most people think of it today . Original yoga texts were


written in Sanskrit, a language which is no longer in use today except in yoga. Each sound in Sanskrit language, produces a


high vibration with a specific therapeutic benefit. Yoga entails living a more vibrant life. Being mindful of each moment and


being very aware of your environment is the yoga way. As you do yoga poses it is important to pay attention to your breath.


     Breathing deep intentional breaths  during  poses of yoga transfers the breath into all the spaces of our body,


contributing to our flow which is a desired state where our bodies are in balance. Doing yoga poses daily will raise your


vibration as yoga brings awareness of our bodies to us. The body responds by opening up,  releasing core tensions,  and


creating a better balance and strength which will raise your vibration immediately.







Music is vibration. Our body will automatically respond when music is played. Our brain waves rise and we begin to vibe


when music turns us on. Uplifting music is the way to go. Dark lyrics and angry tones have low vibration and can bring your


vibe down. Tone is important. Music with happier tones is generally uplifting and can change your mood quickly bringing


you into a higher vibration.


If you want to increase your energy, lift you out of sadness or have an amazing breakthrough, music can help you to


achieve a high vibration and a profound sense of joy. You can let the music take you there just by listening.

















































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