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My Story

Chef Craig Priebe

I'm Craig Priebe, I've been a professional chef for over 35 years. I worked  with  Westin Resorts across the country for 15 years. I owned and operated my own pizzeria in Atlanta Ga. for 8 years. In my pizzeria, I did only grilled pizza, a light thin crust grilled over wood that was smoky, crispy and chewy. It was so good, I was on Travel and Leisure magazine's top 5 pizzerias in America list for 5 years in a row. I also won the International pizza competition with my amazing grilled pizza. 

For 18 years, I've been busy preparing food for worlds leaders, including two United States Presidents, many senators, ambassadors,  Noble Peace Prize winners and many celebrities as the Executive chef for Henry Crown & Co. 

Stress and low vibes took its toll.

I had developed a deadly cancer that wasn't going away. I had virtually every treatment the doctors could throw at me over the course of three years. But I found the way.  I changed my approach to cooking dramatically after I studied the vibration of all foods. Realizing that taking in higher frequency foods can change your life for the better, I create my unique recipes which are specifically designed to raise your mind and body to a higher frequency. This raises your vibes.  I now keep my vibes high and my life is blooming!  When I learned of high vibrations, and when I  changed my vibes, my whole life dramatically improved. My energy skyrocketed and I lost more than 100 pounds. My wife lost 100 pounds also, eating the High Vibe Foods that I prepare. I have more confidence, a better appearance and I am super healthy.   My fears, stress, and anxieties vanished, as my happiness and life's potential skyrocketed. I continue to get higher vibes in my life all the time as I intentionally seek to stay in High Vibe Time! Try my Recipes for a high vibe life and raise your vibes today! 

High Vibe Times

The High Vibe Times
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