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Wind Power Rules the Big Apple

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The EPA states that the Empire State Building is now the nation's largest user of 100 percent wind power in real estate.

The iconic Empire State Building is now 100 Percent powered by WIND POWER!

This building has for hundreds of years stood for the United States of America to lead the way in the industry and economic power. Now the Empire State Building serves as a beacon for the future of sustainable energy. This commitment of the building owners, The Empire State Realty Trust, will effectively avoid the production of 450 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is like removing all New York City taxis off the road for an entire year. Carbon dioxide is a primary culprit in the global warming crisis. In 2019 New York passed The Climate Mobilization Act, which intends to make New York City one of the most sustainable in the world.

Wind power is energy harvested by blades spinning due to the power of the wind only. Windmills of ages ago used this power to turn mills. This energy harness's the power of the wind to turn a shaft, which in turn turns other gears and grinds grain, pumps water, and generates electricity. The three-bladed windmills you see today turning in fields are very closely related to the original windmills of centuries ago. A turbine is spun inside a shaft, and kinetic energy is formed. This energy is stored inside batteries which can power massive systems such as The Empire State Building. The wind-powered system in New York is much more complicated than the kind you see in the fields, and they are bladeless also so that you won't see any windmills on top of the Empire State Building!

This skyscraper boasts 102 stories where over 15,000 people work. Also, 13 other landmark buildings throughout New York and Connecticut are now powered entirely by free renewable energy brought to us by the power of the wind. The project started over a decade ago with a 550 million dollar restoration program. This change has already reaped a 40 percent reduction in energy costs! The wind is free and creates hundreds of jobs as people are needed to make these things work; what is better than Free ENERGY that does not leave an inch of carbon footprint. I hope that this is just the beginning of a cascading effect on overall cities. Hopefully, we can begin to see sustainable renewable energy powering everything from cars to skyscrapers! There are wind-powered technologies available for everyone to use nowadays. You can put one in your home to run your residence. Also, many incentives are available for businesses to install a wind-powered system to individual power buildings. Wind energy companies pay landowners consistent and attractive cash incentives at little or no risk to the landowner for installing wind energy systems.

Thank Goodness for the Earth, Wind, and The Fire of passion for a sustainable renewable future.

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