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High Vibes Intentionally

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

A while ago, I didn’t realize that I had a vibration. But we are all made of vibrations. Molecules vibrating make our bodies and all the energy in them. Our thoughts are forms of energy. Thoughts are created in our mind and they have been proven to have frequencies, and therefore a vibration. What we do, what we look at, what we listen to, what we eat and anything else around us contribute to our entire vibration. I wasn’t living at my best vibration for a very long time. I didn’t know it at the time. These low vibrations I was living had consequences in my life. Bad vibes ended up causing cancer in me which I spent a great deal of time having to fight. But as I went through struggles, what was brought to my attention was that I had the power to change everything. I realized that everything is vibration, and as I change the vibes around me, I changed too. I started with simple changes such as what I listened to. For example, I used to listen to tons of angry music. What could I expect from this but being angry? I found that colors had powerful vibrations which changed my thoughts and when I changed my thoughts, I felt better. So, I started to look at colorful tapestries. I started wearing colorful clothing too instead of all black. This had a strong effect on me, making me more optimistic and joyful. I started to intentionally spend time outdoors and feel the wind and appreciate the clouds, birds, trees and all of nature. Another thing I tried was bringing my bare feet into contact with the earth. This is called “earthing” and it means that the energy of the earth goes through us from our bare feet and raises our vibration through the contact. I started doing this every day. This made me feel whole and I didn’t feel that way for a long time.

I had to intentionally change the way I thought about stuff. I realized that I was a very negative thinker. I judged myself and spoke poorly of myself too. I would call myself a dummy or worse after every little thing that happened. How many of you do that? I feel it is common. Also, I would be very negative about others around me, constantly calling people names in my head or even out loud. I would judge people and write them off for every little thing. These negative vibes brought my vibes down immensely.

Now I am more careful about my thinking. I realize that negative thoughts only attract negative outcomes through the bad vibes which they create. Meditation makes me very mindful of my thoughts and has helped me change my thoughts. I am more forgiving of myself and others. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool towards raising vibes. It helps a lot if you don’t hold onto the negative energy of unforgiveness. Hating on others and judging myself only depleted my energy on very negative thoughts. I wasn’t a complete asshole, but just enough of one to make myself anxious, depressed and in very low vibes.

Being thankful for everything in my life, even the suffering I had to go through was important in changing my vibes. I like to start everyday by thinking of at least 3 things in my life and think about how these things have helped me and how grateful I am for them. I think about my cats and how fun they are to have with me. I think about my home and my wife and my garden. I think about how spending time in isolation during cancer treatments helped me to explore my vibes and how to change them. On and on, I find that being grateful changes how I look at things. I consciously learn that I have a lot of things to be grateful for as I dwell on them. This raises my vibes a lot and I always feel more optimistic about everything after a good session of gratitude.

I used to eat horribly. Fast food and processed foods were the worst. Chemical filled foods that are not whole high vibe foods lowered my vibes and made me sick from the inside out. I couldn’t raise my vibes on a diet of synthetic garbage. I ate a lot of sugar also. Refined sugar in candy and desserts and sauces. Almost everything I put in my mouth was not only bad for my waistline it was terrible for my vibe line. Now, I strive for healthy whole grains, veggies, fruits, and lean proteins. You will see in my recipes that I like to eat nuts and seeds and legumes. I like to eat fish and chicken also, but not much red meat. I find that red meat is full of saturated fats and this is bad for vibes too. I must prepare almost everything I eat myself, but it is worth the extra effort because I know every ingredient that I put inside me. This is great for my health and my vibes. It takes extra effort, but it takes a lot more work to have low vibes and become ill. I will continue to post recipes that I find helpful here on High Vibe Time. If you cannot cook for yourself at least 4 times a week be sure to find a way or a restaurant that prepare foods, the High Vibe way.

I do everything I mentioned here and more to keep my vibes higher. I still fight circumstances and emotions that try and lower my vibrations. Intentionally raising my vibes every day keeps them in check and I feel great as my life changes for the better. I will share the high vibes with you as I discover different ways to keep myself in High Vibe Time!

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