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High Vibes in Tough Times

It's the holidays, and the last thing we want to do is be suffering or in pain. Everyone loves to have as much pleasure and as many fun things in their life as possible. And rightly so. We are meant for a life of abundance, joy, and prosperity, especially during the holidays. But life isn't always doing those things for us. We all go through trials and troubles. Times when we are lonely or perhaps scared. I know last year was a bitch for my wife and me. Dealing with cancer chasing my wife and me too.

On top of that, with covid threatening everybody, no one could come around to help us. It seemed like the world was coming to an end. I was in the hospital for 85 days last year. It was rough. But it worked, and it worked magic in my life too. I discovered that suffering was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. But I wouldn't want to do it ever again.

In good times we seldom reflect on life. Nothing motivates you to seek a different path faster than a deadly disease knocking on your door. Changing the causes of the suffering is the beginning of actual growth. My vibes were very low from a lousy diet with alcohol and processed sugary foods. As I started eating a high vibe diet and seeking time in quiet meditation, things began to work for me. I lost 100 pounds, so did my wife. I started an exercise program; I meditated, ate right, and then my treatments to stop cancer finally did the trick. It went away.

I also grew in compassion for all people. The dictionary defines compassion as a deep awareness of the suffering of others along with the desire to change that. The only way to feel such a thing is to have walked a similar path. I never felt the way I do now about raising people's vibes. After seeing how staying in high vibes works wonders, I want to tell everyone about vibrations. I never wrote healthy recipes and gave them away for free to anyone who wanted them until I saw the fantastic results in my own life. I never worked so hard on creating healthy cooking videos. I never had a website or a blog designed to help anyone. But I know high vibes work, and I try to share it with everyone listening. I hope that they will try it too and better their own life. This is the result of my experience with suffering, and doing something positive will make it all worth it.

Nietzsche was a wise philosopher. You have probably heard of him. He said, "Whatever does not kill us makes us stronger." Helen Keller lived a whole life of suffering, and she famously said, "character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Think of character as a muscle. Our muscles never grow strong from sitting around all day. Only when we exercise them and put them under some duress will they grow stronger. I know that my direction, discipline, and good habits have never been stronger than they have after going through the year I just had. I believe that I can help others as I keep up the excellent work of high vibes too.

I've become more grateful for everything in my life. Gratitude grows from going through tough times, bringing a sense of reality to me. I have never been happier to sit alone at home with my cats and just be than I am today. Having a warm home and a family and my health and high vibes means the world to me now. I think that I used to take that for granted. Now that is not an option, and I'm grateful for that. Appreciate the good things in your life and think of them every day. Say thank you quietly, and you'll grow all warm inside. I do.

So this holiday season and all year long, when things don't go as expected or take a turn for the worst. Remember to keep your vibes high by considering all the good that might come from the situation. Even if you can't think of anything good, remember that something good is happening to us. Maybe we are learning. Perhaps after a short time of suffering, a great deal of good will come to us. Always consider what nuggets of gold you might be able to pull out of this trouble. Hopefully, you'll be stronger, happier, more grateful for all the good that is in your life. It's not easy to see the sun when it rains, but it will always shine again.

High Vibes & Happy Holidays!

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