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Create High Vibes

In our daily life, there are so many tasks that pull us in different directions. Everything that we must get done in a day causes stress. We feel as if we are fighting against time and so many distractions in our day make it even worse. Do we need to respond to every distraction that steals our vibes? It may seem so, and when we do, our stress climbs even higher. Vibrations in our body and mind lower as we struggle to get everything accomplished in time. Our vibrations do go up and down, following our stress. We must find a way to bring relief, and when we find comfort, our vibes can recover.

The elixir for stress is creation. Being creative in a way that we enjoy brings relief to our suffering minds. Any creative expression allows us to explore new ways of seeing the world. Instead of demands crushing us into a frenzy, our imagination opens new doors of recreation. This raises our vibes. It has been proven that art lowers stress, increases focus, helps process emotions, and gives more meaningful hope in every situation. Our brains are wired for the creative process, and creating any art is like a spa day for your vibes. If you pick up a paint brush to splash some color on a page, your brain waves will react measurably. Serotonin which is the feel-good compound of the brain, will rise as we paint the sky pink. Not only doing art but just looking at art improves our vibes too. In a study at the University of London, people underwent brain scans while being shown pictures of paintings by artists. The study found that blood flow to the brain's pleasure zones increased as much as ten percent while they viewed these pictures. This improved the moods of all involved in the study, proving emotional vibes were raised by just taking in art. Brain waves are measurable vibrations within the brain. Higher brain waves were achieved in studies of people doing different forms of art. Higher brain waves were associated with increased intuition, positive expression, and better memory also.

Creating any art form whether it's painting, photography, music, or whatever, allows you to make free decisions about what comes next. Interpreting images, textures, and sounds mean figuring out what it all means to our free will. This helps us face our potential future and brings our imagination of a hopeful outcome into play. This has a measurable effect on our happiness, and happiness is proof of vibes being raised. Connecting to art helps anyone decrease their anxiety. Art increases coping skills by allowing us to express feelings and memories in ways other than words. Making art is an experience that provides a deep sense of relief to our stress. Art allows people to enter into what is called the "flow state." That feeling that you are in the zone and you lose the confining sense of time demanded of us during a stressful day. Making any art is a very mindful practice and is akin to meditation. Art activates various vibrational networks in our brain, including a relaxed reflective state, focused attention, and pleasure vibes.

Take time to discover what it is that you are interested in. There are so many ways in which to become creative. Many of which do not need any special equipment or materials. Using a simple pad of paper and a pencil you can create a cartoon by drawing a series of pictures on each piece. When you flip through the pad, an animation occurs. This can make you smile and begin an interest in animation. Or perhaps you can start to notice your environment around you and snap pictures on your phone. Creative framing and light adjustments make adorable photos that can lead you into the art of photography, which everybody appreciates. Pick up a harmonica for a few dollars and learn a few notes. In no time at all, you are forming songs that will make you happy. I'm telling you, find something to create. Just do it. It is easy, and it will make all the difference to raise your vibes. You will feel the results as you enter into High Vibe Time!

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