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Let me take a listen to your heart...

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I've heard that over and over again from all the doctors and nurses in the hospital. They are constantly listening to my heart. They want to check the rhythm and the strength of beats. And it is beating in good form. But to my surprise, I hear that "let me listen to your heart in my soul too. It comes along and whispers to me, "Let me listen to your heart." At first, I hide from it. I don't want to mess around with my heart because it might reveal hard things I need to face or fix. My heart is my essence, assumptions of life, perceptions, fears, anxiety, boldness to run into activities without thinking of outcomes, or reluctance to participate with humanity. My heart is my life. I feel it takes a lot of work to get your heart right. Just as exercise strengthens the rhythm in physicality, movement and attention to the rhythm in your spirit heart can cause your life force to blossom. When I am doing my thing, like circling the halls endlessly to walk off all this energy, I have my music in my head and want to be in my world—an elderly woman motions to me for what I don't know. At first, I don't care, and I don't want to care what she wants. I'm doing My thing. I do one lap around, ignoring her. Then my heart ever bothersome says stop and talk to her. I make my way in front of her door and remove my earbud. I asked her, were you speaking to me? I know she was, but I ignored her at first. She is close to tears. " I don't know the address of this place she says, and I'm trying to get my daughter over to see me. I haven't seen her for a long while. I thought, well, you can probably figure that out some other way besides bothering me. But my heart sees beyond the obvious. My heart says this poor lady needs compassion, even from a stranger. I am terrible with addresses, but my phone is in my hand, so I turn off the music and look it up. I tell her the address, and she blooms a huge grin. She is on the phone also and immediately conveys the address to her daughter. Her whole demeanor changed from looking hopeless and confused to a big grin, and she said to me, thank you, that means so much to us. My daughter is coming! She blessed me up and down with good vibes. I felt so incredible inside. I thanked her for asking me. It didn't take a moment to help a stranger, and my heart led me around my ego, which said I was too busy. My heart won that day, and I felt so powerfully good inside.

I will help the next time also. Just listen to your heart and check it to make sure it's beating to a High Vibe. Actions of generosity don't cost anything. But they reap you massive High Vibes that will strengthen your heart's rhythm and make you invincible to bad vibes that close off your spirit and lead to selfishness and depression, and lots of trouble. So let yourself take a listen to your heart and heal your soul with High Vibes!

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