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How I got through my Stem Cell Transplant (30 days of Joy)

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

You wouldn't expect to find incredible joy, bliss and wisdom stuck in a hospital room having an extreme a procedure as a stem cell transplant. But I did exactly that. I certainly did not expect that either. Checking into the hospital the first day, I was scared shitless! Worried about so many things. How am I going to make it in here for at least 30 days? How is it going to go? Am I going to have a terrible reaction to this procedure? Apparently, there were some big risks. Cell rejection, Graft versus host disease and a lot of other issues that were very scary going in. I was worried about going crazy in that little room for so long too. Importantly, I went into this with some High Vibe Strategies that I intended to employ as soon as I arrived. I'd like to share them with you and then I have a short video to show you how I did it.

First off, I know the hospital room is very drab. Virtually no color in that room except grey. I know that colors bring high vibes which is essential to your well being. So I brought in 6 beautiful vibrant, color popping tapestries which only cost me 12 bucks each! I immediately turned my room into a deep green forest. Placing a gorgeous deep forest scene over the main window which overlooked a lovely view of air conditioners on a grey roof. This brought great peace and changed the vibe of that room instantly. When the sunlight shown through that forest it looked as if I could walk right into a serene green forest. At night it looked even more 3 dimensional and brought me great peace as I lay there alone in the middle of the night. I placed a beautiful Arabesque vibrant tapestry behind my bed which brought high vibes raining down into my bed. I only used the bed to sleep in at night or if I was doing some procedure for the doctors. I always stayed out of the bed preferring to sit up and stay busy, playing bongos, singing songs I made up, playing ukulele, reading interesting books, such as The Code of the Extraordinary Mind , by Vishen Lakhiani. I kept the television off the entire time I was there. There are so many negative vibes with TV, so I avoided it. I placed other colorful high vibe tapestries over every surface I could. These colorful vibes were amazing and changed the very essence of the room, giving it a great high vibe.

I brought in instruments to make A LOT of noise. I had a triangle instrument which I rang out loud every morning to waken my senses or whenever some negative vibes occurred. I had two tambourines which I played all the time and shook them hard whenever I felt overwhelmed with some bad vibes. I played a set of bongos to high vibe music for at least two hours every morning. I finally had to stop playing the bongos when my doctor said my blood platelets were too low, which is part of the treatment, and if I banged these bongos I could bleed internally! Then I relied on turning up my speakers so loud with the highest vibe music I could find. Hospital rooms are very sound insulated so I never received any complaints. Instead I was surprised that other people including nurses and other patients would stop by my door just to enjoy the high vibes that positive music create. I received many compliments for the great music I played.

I had an Indian doctor that introduced me to an interesting Indian drum called a damru which I purchased immediately because I didn't have to hit it to make it sound off. It is a shake drum that has two ropes on each side of it. When you play it it sounds like fire crackers going off in rapid succession, I loved that noise. I took many stuffed toy friends into the room with me. Being child like is an incredible high vibe way to be. I had Kermit the frog, 12 colorful Gnomes, 2 kittens and a lemur keeping me company at all times. I was hooked up to an IV pole the entire time that I was in the hospital. I let these guys ride on the pole as I walked around the loop on the floor of the hospital.

I walked one mile three times daily around that floor no matter how I felt. Three miles a day! I never stopped MOVING. Everyone was quite surprised that a stem cell patient on so much chemotherapy that my entire immune system was destroyed could walk so much. I saw it as a great escape. It was amazing and helped me a lot. Some days I could walk faster than others , but I never stopped. This was critical. I had some semblance of a meditation practice when I walked into that room. But my practiced deepened as I was in the room. I had hours to meditate and I did it for hours at a