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High Vibes in the air.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

We learn through early experiences as a child what kind of vibes our reality will have. Perhaps as a child, our parents were going through difficult times. Maybe they had depression or anxiety, which caused them to deal with us in ways that passed on that energy. Patterns of repetitive behavior form vibes; these vibes are energy that defines how we relate to the world around us. Most psychologists agree that our primary beliefs are formed in the first seven years of life. By then, we have the vibes which will serve as our guiding forces as we go through life. Then as adults, these energies accumulate and continue to escalate into experiences that reinforce the vibes we operate at. When I was a child, I was bullied. My vibes dictated that the world is unsafe and people around me will try to hurt me. That is what I continued to experience in my adult life. The vibes of being treated poorly carried on for a while, and they formed unpleasant experiences, eventually leading to disease and dysfunction in my body.

I broke that low vibe cycle by tapping into subconscious energies that were in me. I have found that the best way to do this is through Somatic Meditation. Meditation can be passive or active. When we wait in quiet while we meditate and let thoughts pass through our minds, this is passive. It can be helpful to ease stress and give peace; however, to dig deeper and change vibes that are hurting us, we need to activate our somatic systems. Somatic systems relate to our whole nervous system and how the mind and body relate to each other.

Somatic meditation involves the mind-body connection, which helps you tap into your internal self. Somatic meditation allows you to access information about how your mind holds onto all the experiences you've ever had. These vibes form your realities in your physical lives. Your breathing is at the center of the somatic system. Often people develop habits of very shallow breathing. Shallow breathing helps to hold in trapped vibes that are not serving our best lives possible.

Somatic breathing meditation helps me to raise my vibes every day. I was not healed from cancer until my vibes were high enough for doctors to help me. The mind-body connection is vital regarding any illness, and somatic breathing is a way to tap into the mind-body connection. So here is what I do in Somatic meditation, which has helped me beat a deadly disease.

I sit in a comfortable position with my eyes closed, and I begin to breathe deeply through my nostrils, being sure to get the breath into my belly, expanding my diaphragm. I breathe out deeply through my mouth with pursed lips like I am trying to blow out birthday candles. I concentrate on a rhythm of breathing. I count while I am breathing in. One two three four. Then I count while I am breathing out. One two three four. I stay in this rhythm for about 3 minutes. Breathe in deeply, 1, 2, 3, 4. Breathe out with gusto 1, 2, 3, 4.

I think positive thoughts as I do this. I think of things that I am grateful for at first, such as my life is great or I have everything I need. Even if I feel otherwise, I still try to think positively so I can believe the affirmations on a deeper level. Then after several minutes of rhythmic breathing, I exhale out. I hold my breath for as long as I can. I try to hold it past the point of comfort. Then when I can't hold it any longer, I breathe in deeply and hold my breath again, this time with my lungs full. I do this alternate holding breath routine several times. Then I go back to rhythmic breathing, this time breathing in through my nostrils as deep as I did before but faster, in only two seconds. Then exhale for the entire four seconds. I do this for several minutes and go back to the holding breath routine. It activates your nerve centers and invigorates your mind-body connection. I think positive things such as healthy, harmonious, loving, strong, and wise.

Breathing like this may sound strange, but it works. Somatic breathing will activate your subconscious mind-body connection and do amazing things. I know because I do it every day.

I learned Somatic Meditation on Omvana, the Mindvalley meditation app. The somatic breath teacher is Niraj Naik. He healed himself from an illness that a doctor also told him was incurable using Somatic breath meditation. I encourage you to give it a try before you have a terminal disease from which to recover. I did, and it works. It gives you High Vibes also.

Enjoy the High Vibes!

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