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High Vibe Warriors

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I've beaten the system. I've won a glorious fight in my mind. I have traveled the road through all my fears and come through kicking ass. Entering the hospital on my day of admission for a stem cell transplant was one of the most challenging days of my life. Both for me and my beautiful wife Wendy, this was no easy task. As I was checking in to the hospital, I knew that I would be there for at least 30 days, possibly a lot longer. There are many unknowns with an allogeneic stem cell transplant. Allogenic means I'm receiving stem cells from a total stranger. In my case, a very generous 27-year-old man from Germany donated his cells just for me across the world. Many problems can and do happen from these transplants. I won't write all the possibilities here, but there are so many issues to deal with. It is overwhelming. I was scared and filled with sadness and fear, and doubt of what could happen. Just being there away from my home, my cats, my life. But there was no turning back. I felt like I was entering a haunted forest, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Every step was extremely frightening. So, I had to have great High Vibe strategies.

My arsenal started with High Vibe colorful tapestries, which I hung up in the hospital room everywhere I could. Behind the bed was the arabesque, bright, trippy flow tapestry, which has brought me such high vibrations ever since I bought it. On the window, a beautiful 3 D forest of deep green color. It looks as if you could walk into the peaceful forest scene and disappear into a natural wonderland. The forest was a lifesaver because I needed to vanish from its confinement so many times in that room. I entered and meditated in that forest for hours at a time. I hung other vibrant scenes over every door and over that ugly sliding curtain that offers no privacy, just a fearful reminder that you are trapped in that room. But with vibrant colors added, I was free to roam in my mind as the high vibes worked their magic in my eyes. I had brought 15 friendly gnomes with me so that I would never be alone. These little fellows offered me great company along with my lemur, two kittens, and my celebrity friend Kermit the Frog. No shame in a 55-year-old man playing with stuffies. These guys were my constant companions, and they were filled with joy and high vibes.I brought and played my bongos for hours to the most positive and uplifting music. I will include playlists soon that work. I got very good at losing myself in the flow of rhythm that playing music provides. Of course, I played ukulele constantly. Creating songs is a very high vibe and brought me great joy.

I burn sage at home, which removes negative vibes from an air space. Since I could not burn anything, I used pure herbal sage mists to rid the stale negative air from the room. These great sprays are made in the Sedona Vortex by a family-owned company called Juniper Mist. You can meet the family and look at the products which worked wonders in that room at Let me tell you, those quartz-infused all-natural scents saved me, and anyone that walked into my room said that it smelled like beautiful woodland.

I had created so many High Vibes in that little room that something astonishing happened. I was as happy as I've ever been. It was CRAZY. It blew my mind how these High Vibes worked like magic. But even more surprising, and something which I didn't even think of before happened. The High Vibes were so tangible it worked on everyone that walked into that room. Nurses and doctors said they never wanted to leave my room. It made them so happy too.

Other patients would stand outside my door and listen to the music. They would steal glimpses into the room filled with joy. Some would stop and say to me how much this joy was affecting them too. I was getting quite a reputation as the High Vibe room. My cousin in Florida called me and told me about his friend who had been in a vegetative state from a terrible stroke. It seemed hopeless to that family. I told my cousin, get that man some colorful tapestries in his room. So he brought the man two very vivid tapestries, and the man's wife brought them into his room. The man responded with a huge smile. His wife said she hadn't seen him smile in months. His wife was crying tears of joy. It was something that blew my mind when I heard this. The High Vibe magic, which I shared, worked on another patient that had not responded for months to anything.. I helped my first person besides myself. It was incredible.

Every day, I meditated hard, I disappeared into the heavens, and answers and great calm overwhelmed me so many times. I usually was brought to tears and felt angels' hands on me at all times. . One thing was constant teaching to me. Out of great suffering comes great nuggets of joy and wisdom, and answers to many of the questions in my mind came. I felt such comfort, and a great process of learning from an infinite source met me every day in meditation. It was stunning. I never wanted to leave that presence that was with me every time I entered meditation. I wasn't on any weird medications that caused any of that either. They don't comfort you much with anything mind-altering, so you are on your own to find your peace. The best way I can tell you is to meditate every day as earnestly as you can. I got good at it in that tiny room, and it saved me.

Another thing that surprised the doctors was that I did not suffer any of the debilitating side effects of the most potent chemotherapy they can make. This stuff destroys your immune system entirely to make room for a new one to grow. I didn't get any terrible mouth sores, fevers, weight loss, or lack of appetite. I was so hungry I ate and ate, ordering as much food as I could.. I had no vomiting or diarrhea, or fatigue. I was walking the halls for three miles a day. The doctors were amazed at what superhuman strength I had. I told them it's all the High Vibes. It must have been. I was the only patient there that reacted like this. It was a joy, and I felt invincible!

I have to tell you more and more but for now, enjoy this little ditty I sang in the room to my cats Loki and Odie. I missed them a lot while I was in there, and this song helped me so much.

High Vibes!

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