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The High Vibe Time Manifesto

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

High Vibe Time Manifesto

High Vibe Time is not just a company or a website. HVT is a way of living and a community that dedicates itself to growing as individuals and collectively raising all humans' consciousness.

High Vibe Time exists to transform people's lives into the best version of each person. HVT will help shape the way people live by spreading enlightened ideas that will improve how they think, raise their kids, treat their bodies and minds and the environment.

High Vibe Time believes that we are all created with frequencies that can be raised to produce positive results in our lives. All things are made of vibrations of atoms, and when you choose to incorporate higher frequencies into your life by eating high vibrational foods, thinking positively, listening to high vibe music, looking at high vibrational colors and pictures, involving yourself with nature, helping others, being environmentally conscious, practicing gratitude, appreciation and more, you will raise your vibration and receive the benefits of high vibes in your life and the lives of those around you. Benefits include but are not limited to better health, good opportunities, healthy and happy relationships, happy family life, financial gain, healthy mind and thoughts, better fitness and function. HVT believes that high vibes benefit every person regardless of race, position, locality, and gender. We are an earth company. We will help all people on this planet and thus help the earth also.

High Vibe Time is successful by operating by these principles and creating high vibes for people to access on the web, printed materials, radio, and television. HVT creates cooking videos and shows which display healthy high vibrational recipes. High Vibe Time's recipes can be accessed for free when people join by leaving their email address on the website, thus becoming a "High Viber." HVT has a gallery of photography that can brighten people's days as they view the high vibrations in the photos. Colorful photos include but are not limited to nature, animals, flowers and green spaces, foods, recipes, art forms, fun activities such as kite flying, bicycling, etc. HVT will publish printed books and ebooks that showcase the high vibe lifestyle with recipes, health care, meditation, environmentalism, family, home, and pet care.

High Vibe Time believes in adding value to individual lives and the world. HVT will not engage in any activity which harms the lives of the people it reaches. HVT does not promote unhealthy foods such as those containing added sugars, alcohol, excessive fats, preservatives, and chemicals. HVT does not promote practices or products which people don't need or might be potentially harmful, such as unsustainable practices, junk food, alcohol, and fossil fuels. HVT will promote sustainable ideas which push the human race forward such as, clean, renewable energy, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, or products and companies working on ways to elevate and improve life on our planet.

High Vibe Time believes that as we help raise the vibes of all people, we create unity among the human race. People who are committed to having higher vibrations are naturally geared towards the love of all people. HVT believes that empathy is a product of higher vibration. This natural outpouring of love towards the world results in a greater good for humanity. Love is the highest vibration and the goal of High Vibe Time. We raise our vibration as we seek to help others in need. HVT recognizes negative vibrations in the world and aims to help raise them wherever we can as we raise our vibrations in doing so. This creates a unity cycle that will help to make the world a better, healthier, harmonious place for all people. It's High Vibe Time!

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