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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Creation is the business of vibration. Atoms in frequency, whirling around, smashing into each other, to a universal beat. Like music. Our ears, our brain, and our whole body receive these vibrations. Vibrations can alter our internal frequencies. This is why music can make you sad, make you cheer, fall in love, make you angry, and the vibrations are authentic to you. Music has a profound effect on us.

Music is one of the quickest and most dramatic ways to change your vibe. Every life has its share of sad events. I know that I prefer not to stay in a sad vibe when it happens. It’s critical not to stay stuck in sadness about anything. But how? I mean, some stuff happens. The other day we lost a dear family member. Choppers was our baby for 16 years and was the best Chihuahua I’ve ever known. He had the most beautiful long life, and we honor him every day in our hearts. This kind of loss can bring intense sadness to anyone. It is important to grieve, and it is crucial to get out of that grief too. Often being sad leads to listening to sad music, which leads to more profound sadness and ruminations that don’t serve us.

High Vibe music can lift you out of that intense sadness. High Vibrations are contagious by default. If you are down, high vibrational music will raise your vibes. Our choice of what we listen to impacts our vibrations, which we experience as emotions. Here is the vital thing to pay attention to when you’re listening to music. Does it raise your spirits or make you feel lighter? Does it calm you? Is there a change in your sadness, or does it feed that sad emotion? Stay away from vibes that perpetuate the unhappy vibe. Stay away from music that makes you feel angry too. Anger and sadness are very low vibes. Being stuck in the low vibration of these emotions can have very harmful effects on your life and vitality.

I put on my high vibe playlist when I’m down. I find that happy tones and upbeat tempos have an immediate effect on me. Words are potent. Listen to positive lyrics which make you feel good. If it makes you feel good, lightens your load, and starts to move your body, then high vibes are being created. High vibes defeat low vibes.

Bathing yourself in High Vibe sounds is crucial too. Calming meditative sounds such as singing bowls and chants wander without melody, but the vibration resonates in our vibe. Calming meditative music like you might hear at a spa will calm you as these good vibes surround us and integrate with our vibe. I always keep calming or upbeat tones playing low in the house. The right music automatically sets my vibes higher all the time.

Try listening to happy songs the next time you are sad. Listen to calming meditative tones that raise your vibes. Vibes make a massive difference in how you react to unfortunate events which occur in your life.

Youtube has excellent resources for high vibrational music. I posted a couple here.

happiness meditation

singing bowl

I start my day with yoga and meditation while listening to high-vibration music. Then, after meditation, I turn up the volume and hit my High Vibe playlist to keep the Vibes High!

High Vibe Playlist

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