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Bad Dumplings

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I wanted to cook something I've never tried to make before. An old-world German recipe called Thuringer Klobe or German Potato Dumplings. The recipe was quite vague, as old-world recipes often are, but I rarely need a recipe to make anything, so I thought this would be easy an hour tops. So after working diligently for an hour, I saw things were not working out as I hoped. I worked harder and did many things which I was sure would fix it. Without all the awful unnecessary details of my obsessive dumpling making, after 4 hours of tireless trying, I had a pot full of possibly the worst abomination I ever created.

Impossible to eat, and I threw them into the trash. I lost my high vibes so bad after that. I was angry, frustrated, sad, confused, overtired, anxious about my abilities, the works. My head began pounding, my skin which was recovering wonderfully from a horrible rash brought on from my stem cell transplant, flared up red and angry. My skin was so hot, and I was on fire. I was exhausted. I had other awful reactions too, which I will not repeat here. In short, I was a hot mess, which made me more anxious. The relationship between negative emotions and negative health impact is not new. But now, there is more proof than ever of these detrimental effects on your health when you allow negative vibes to take over.

Due to my frustration, anger, and anxiety, what was happening to me has been documented by new studies conducted by scientists at Pennsylvania State University. There is proof that negative moods change the way the immune response functions immediately. The result of the research has been proven to show that negative emotions greatly exacerbated extreme inflammation. The high level of inflammation created has dramatic effects immediately upon your health. Scientists have documented that individuals who experience negative vibes regularly have very high levels of inflammation in their blood. Inflammation has an extreme impact on your health and, over time, causes disease in the body, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer's, among many others.

Scientists also found that experiencing positive moods even briefly had an immediate effect of lowering these inflammation markers. Staying in high vibes is an essential thing that you can do for your health. But that's not always easy, especially when things seem to fail and fall apart for you. The most important thing to do when experiencing low moods is to reframe the failure or anxiety-provoking incident immediately. Reframing means changing your mind about the incident instead of letting frustration set in and getting carried away with obsessive thoughts of anger, frustration, and getting all stressed out. Instead, take a few deep breaths and immediately create a vision of how you may learn something positive about the incident. Turn the problem into a project of positivity. That's what I'm doing here with this blog post.

I realized that I lost my cool. I have learned that this is a dangerous way to react to failures or problems. So as I began to respond with thoughts of what I could do to create a positive outcome with my issue that night, my body instantly responded to the high vibes I began to develop. Immediately, my pounding headache stopped, my rash started to heal again, the heat I was experiencing cooled instantly. The healing offered me great peace of mind, which made everything terrible I was experiencing vanish in thin air. I was amazed at how fast this worked. I turned that issue into this High Vibe Blog post which changed my problem into a beautiful positive. I feel that my pain changed instantly into a positive project which was way better than the best dumpling ever made. I was so pleased with the result, and it healed me immediately. Hopefully, this can help anybody reading this, and that changed everything for me.

So realize that it is more important than anything to stay in High Vibes. Don't let the negative vibes get to you. Reframe the problem fast. Find the golden nugget in the issue you're dealing with and turn it into a positive project which can create a beautiful result, and it will be well worth your High Vibe efforts. Your immediate health depends on it.

High Vibes.

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